I want to study Architecture as I am genuinely enthusiastic for both the arts and sciences Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:28:07
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Personal statement
I want to study Architecture as I am genuinely enthusiastic for both the arts and sciences and generally all aspects of it whether it being: ancient,prehistoric,renaisance and modern day architecture. I admire studying actual buildings and places and their inherent mobility has made me visit some of the greatest architectural structures and buildings in the world, which has provided me a great deal of inspiration and motivation towards the course.
Enviornmental engineering is one of my greatest interests as I beleive designs should always be integrated with the enviroment it suits for the benefit of sustainability, eco-friendly buildings and the design itself whether it being an urban or bioclamitic design.
I am currently studying Chemistry and Biology which has improved my experimental and analytic skills and has also provided me with an insight into some of the practical applications for instance,”Titrations, Calorimetry and The nature of permeability of beetroot pigment loss experiments.” These skills are evident that I am a pratctical student with skills development preparing me for the varied and demanding role of an architect. I also study Islamic Studies which is a humanities subject which in relation reflects the three major divisions taught in the BA degree. I am currntly undergoing a History As level which is very beneficial for architecture in its architectural manifestation through the teaching of history of the built enviornment. I also occupy a World Develpoment As level qualification which enhances the fact of my interest to the enviornment and how compromises and action can tackle climate change and has also developed on my debating and evaluating skills. My subjects draw upon the humanities (history and theory) and sciences(construction, enviornmetal design and structures) and the ability to draw ,such as my portfolio consisting mosly sketches creative designs and the interest in the history of art and architecture and consist of a wide range of skills.
I am a very passionate and caring person when it comes to charity organisations and voluntary work. I have participated in the relief funds of the Tsunami appeal in Indonesia and the Pakistan earthquake appeal.These qualities prove I am in favour of making a world a better place and architecture certainly would help me achieve this.
I occupy a qualification of St Johns Ambulance first aid course and I have worked in the vitalise scheme , a famous organisation caring for the elderly for a week. This shows I /am menatlly fit and capable to take on challenges. I am undisputedly a striver and a competor which is definately a healthy mentallity to obtain. In participating in all of these schemes I have achieved a “millenium volunteers” certification certifying that I have completed 200 hours of volunteering in the space of a year.
I currently have a job working for “Homes 4 u” and pizza co and have work experience in an architectural company named “Johnmacaslan” which has developed my comunication, I.T and teamworking skills and insight to the world of being an architect.
I intend to study further degreees such as a Masters and PhD to achieve the highest possible academic degree and it is my dream ambiton and greatest honor to one day design famous buildings and to always be aware that my name will be remembered for quite a while.

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