Versions of Romeo and Juliet Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:26:17
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The version which sticks closer to the play is Zefferelli’s version. It’s more like what the scenery was like when it was written and would of take place then. The one that was more successful in my opinion is the Lurman’s version, it’s more modern and more enjoyable to watch.
I prefer Lurhman’s simply because it is basically modern. I don’t think I would be able to watch and enjoy Zefferelli’s because of the scenery and how old it is. Lurhman’s is better to enjoy and would rather by me because new is better.
Zefferelli’s can offer the background clothes and language used in his version. Lurhman’s it again modern in his version. In his version they use props and clothes that we use today. The buildings in Zefferelli’s are palaces and castles and are replaced by buildings and office blocks.
The costumes and props used in Zefferellie’s film the period i.e swords and daggers and period clothing. Lurhman’s they replaced swords with guns as well as replacing horses with cars. Costumes where what we wear today.
The music in each version are what you would hear in that time. Zefferelli’s version, the music that was played was by a single hand trumpet and the type of tune played was dictated by the scene on screen i.e slow for conversations and fierce for fight scenes. Lurhman’s soundtrack was orchestral instruments of operatic voices through other types of music i.e dance music, rock music for party scenes and background radio of a modern type was used.
The scenery and settings of the play were changed, the palaces and mansions of old Verona were replaced with modern buildings and office blocks. They are very different from each other. Zefferelli’s had little fruit stalls and someone behind selling the fruit. In Lurhman’s version is basically replaced with shops selling a lot more than fruit.
The interpretation of characters is (to me) very different from each other. I think I’d get through Lurhman’s movie understanding what’s being said more than Zefferelli’s movie. The language in Lurhman’s is more understanding than Zefferelli’s definitely. The way they dress is different, tights to trousers and so on. Rucushio in the modern one is more lively and understandable. In the old one he doesn’t really know what he’s on about, he’s a step in step out person.
The themes of the play’s that I see if love, hatred, revenge, life and death. Maybe not a lot of revenge in Zefferelli’s. Lurhman’s has everything, you can feel the themes of his version when watching his movie. Zefferelli’s you just can’t really enjoy it mostly because it’s old.
The concepts I would use if I was to stage William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet would be the modern language, the modern setting and clothes. Maybe the guns instead of the swords, or using the guns and the swords in the one play. Make the setting what it’s like today not 6-7 years ago even though nothing has changed a bit.
A scene I want to compare in both versions of Romeo and Juliet is the scene just at the end of each film at the chapel. They have different arrangements that happen through the whole scene. Zefferelli’s takes place in a dark, quiet room that is’nt all that big. Romeo takes poison says his last goodbye’s then Juliet awakes then is devastated and stabs herself with a dagger. Lurhman’s version, Romeo takes poison, Juliet wakes up and shoots herself with a gun and they are in a much bigger chapel with neons and candles all around.
My conclusion of what I have proved is that a lot has changed, the background, then clothes and the movie. We are in their 2000’s not the 1900’s or 1800’s any more.

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