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Published: 2021-06-29 01:28:04
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Tropic countries have rapidly and continually develop and urbanize its cities, creating skyscrapers, commercial buildings, residential, etc. However, most of these countries adapts the western architecture to most of their structures. Tropical Architecture deals with the thermal comfort achieved by passive design elements, which promotes the natural circulation of air inside the structure. Case: SST. Peter Memorial Chapel, Tactical, Elite 1 . 1 Location Tactical was recently struck by the Super typhoon ‘Holland’ or internationally known as ‘Hanna’. The recent study conducted by Worldwide Fund for Nature (WFM)
Philippines and BPI Foundation, tells that Tactical is highly burnable to the effects of climate change. They gave this score based on 3 factors: climate or environmental exposure, socio-economic sensitivity, and capacity to adapt. Tactician’s location on the country’s eastern seaboard exposes it to many climate risks, like tropical cyclones during the southwest monsoon. Gerhard maps of the city also show high susceptibility to landslides, particularly for its upland villages. Being only 3 meters above sea level, Tactical is also threatened by sea level rise. Studies show that seas can rise by 4 to 6 meters due to climate change. 2 Climate Tactical has a tropical rainforest’s climate or equatorial climate, which is a type of tropical climate where there is no dry season throughout the whole year that has the precipitation values of at least 60 millimeters (2. 4 in). The weather is typically hot and wet with frequent heavy rainfalls the whole year. The average high (daytime) temperature for the year in Tactical is 29. 4 co (84. 9 OF). The warmest month on average is May with an average daytime temperature of 31 co (87. 8 OF). The coolest month on average is January, with an average (nighttime) temperature of 23 co 73. OF). The highest recorded temperature was 41. 1 co (106. 0 OF), recorded in December. The lowest recorded temperature in Tactical is 12. 8 co (55. 0 OF) which was also recorded in December. The average rainfall for the year is 2294 mm (90. 4 in), with the most rainfall on average in December with 305 millimeters (12. 0 in) and the least on average in April wit n 119 millimeters Fig. 1 Climate Data for Tactical City Fig. 2 Annual Mean Temperature for Tactical City 2. 1 Structure Analysis The structure is built mainly by concrete with granite and carpet tile floor knishes.
The memorial chapel uses mixed mode where electro-mechanical systems such as air conditioning are used to provide comfort to the users. Electro-mechanical also to ventilate spaces such as the embalming area. Though the place uses air- conditioning, it was only turned when the room is functioned as a viewing area. Fig. 3 Original Floor Plan The structure is oriented towards south. The site analysis is shown in Fig 3. Fig. 4 Site Analysis Conclusion: The revision done are the following: The plenum is provided to provide natural ventilation and lighting.
Provisions of low rotations to allow the warm air to rise and escape to the plenum. Provision of lighting shelf to maximize natural lighting. Fig. 5 Section, Ventilation and Lighting Analysis Fig. 6 Final Perspective References Bay, Joy. Tropical sustainable architecture: social and environmental dimensions. Oxford: Architectural, 2006. “Climate change threatens economy of 4 PH cities. ” Rapper. Http://www. Rapper. Com/nation/47937-climate-change-economy-four-pH- cities (accessed March 16, 2014). Wakefield Foundation. “Tactical. ” Wisped. Http://en. Wisped. Org/wisecracking (accessed March 16, 2014).
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