The Old Lady and the Cat Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:25:24
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Once there was an old lady who had a cat. She was 83 years old and had found a beauitful gray and white cat. It had pretty silky fur and gold eyes. Its fur was long and soft. When she picked it up it would purr in her arms.
After she cleaned it up and fed it she than named it. The old lady said I will name you “Mr. Gray” for you are gray. One night while the old lady was sleeping she saw a beauitful bright star, so she wished on it not knowing if it would come true. Oh pretty little star said the old lady, I wish upon you tonight, I wish you would let my dear little friend talk to me tonight and that he will have the best 9 lifes ever. And than the old lady whisper, “Thank-You.”
The next day they went out fishing and every fish she caught she gave to Mr. Gray. Whatever they did they did it together.
The next morning they did some shopping at the little markets outside on the streets. They spent all there time together no matter where they went they had fun. The lady now was 95 years old and she couldn”t do too many things any more. Except she would always read to him everyday on her rocking chair in the sunlight and take naps together. Than one evening when they were taking their evening nap. The cat woke up by something, it wasn”t the old lady but maybe a cold rush of wind blowing. He went over to the old lady and in her ear whisper “Thank-you.” The lady and the cat lied their. The cat life done with and now he was resting and so was the lady.
Nobody knows for sure if the lady heard him, but the old lady had a friendly smile on her face. The cat curled up on her lap and the old lady on the chair in the sun together.

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