Social Problems And Solutions Charts Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:27:37
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How was the Social Problem addressed during the Industrial Age (social movement, law, etc)? Was the Social Problem addressed successfully? Be sure to support your opinion with evidence from the lesson or your research. Is the Social Problem still an issue today? How? Child Labor Social Reformers like Mother Jones addressed the fact of Child Labor This Social Problem was addressed Successfully, through groups and speakers, they talked to the public, addressing Child Labor and their working conditions Still able to legally work at the age of 14/15, but only an limited hours a day/week
Tenement Housing Tenement houses continued to be built, even proved to be unsafe. Sanitation (Plumbing, Electricity, etc. ) in some of the homes where non existent Yes, Because laws where passed to add on better living conditions for people that lived in Tenement houses, Still a slight issue for people in poverty, but overall lawfully there are limits to how many people can live in homes.
Poverty Social Reformers came up With organizations like the Social Gospel Movement to help the poor Although there were multiple organizations to help the less fortunate, Poverty was still an issue. Poverty still exists to this day around the lobe. Interview with Erik Augural: 1. What are your reasons for volunteering? Love to help people, It makes me happy to see others happy even if I’m not. 2. What is the purpose of the organization tort which you volunteer?
The most recent organization I volunteered for is called the Holiday Giving store, Other organizations IM a part to is Operation School Bell (Giving Parents with children who are in elementary brand new school clothing), Strengthening Families (Organization that helps parents in poverty understand their children more, and to work together overcoming obstacles that come the family’s way) 3, What duties do you perform to aid the organization? Volunteers walk around with a family, to help them fill out a form saying pick presents for their Children. Why is such an organization needed in the community? Because there is a lot of poverty in the area, and helping aid for Christmas gifts really makes Other family’s happy S. What rewards do you receive from your volunteer work? Lust the simple fact Of providing free volunteer work. Plus for the fact Of being bilingual helps ease other non native English families on getting gifts for loved ones 6. What challenges are face by volunteers in your organization? Recruiting funds and gifts for the families 7.
What has volunteer work helped you learn about yourself? That even if I complain of not having enough, see these families, and realize that should at least cherish what have 8. What have you done that you feel has significantly touched the life of another person? Just the fact of being there to translate, and families to know that there are translators on board. 9. Do you enjoy volunteering? ENJOY helping people out, even if they are my enemies. Its my favorite 10. How long have you been working for these organizations? 3 years and still counting!

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