How is Sheila affected by her realization Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:26:09
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Sheila shows her reactions very clearly and it appeared that she could not hide the fact she was simply shocked she was involved, as she had always been used to a higher-class life without these types of situations. Also before she had been guilt tricking her father for firing her, “I think it was a mean thing to do”. Immediately after she finds out after the inspector shows her the picture of Eva Smith, “gives a half-stifled sob, and then runs out.
That description gives the reader a lot of information of her immediate reactions which are vital as it shows what her character is like, which seems to be quite naive perhaps and sensitive as she seems to really care about Eva. The fact she “runs out” was a very dramatic movement that suggests her as having a shocked and overwhelmed reaction, in contrast to Mr. Birling’s.
It then takes quite some time until Sheila comes back, assuming she had to try and composer herself to find out what role she had had in the case. Although, she may seem naive in her perception of life she was courageous to return and she shows her curiosity, “ you knew it was me all the time, didn’t you? ”. Unlike Birling, Sheila seemed like she really cared what happened and felt guilty, yet a more syndical view could say that she wanted to try and shift the blame when she sais “so I’m really responsible”.
That could have been an opportunity for the inspector to shift the blame also it shows she is in disbelief by the fact she would ever do such a thing. On page 23 the reader learns that Sheila may have a different side to her, “ if they didn’t get rid of that girl, I’d never go near the place again. ” Once again another Birling threatens the lower class and pulls rank, she used her social status to fire an innocent girl. She also appears to be vindictive, “I was in a furious temper. She then later displays her nervousness after endeavoring to hide her anxiety.
She uses many hyphens that show her uneasiness by her stuttering in what she says; this shows how much it had affected her. Sheila shows how she can be jealous at times “If she’d been some miserable plain creature, I don’t suppose I’d done it. ” Quickly Sheila is keen to shift this confrontation onto another character, “How did you come to know this girl—Eva Smith. ”

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