Romance that took place in Act 2 Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:25:31
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Conversations between Prospero and Caliban tend to use the repetitive hard sounding letters, as their conversations are a lot more aggressive and insulting, to create the image of a violent relationship. Yet, Ariel and Prospero’s conversations are entirely different. Using sweeping metaphors and words containing soft sounding letters. This contrast in linguistic devices draws in the audience’s interest. Prospero uses lots of contrasts in sounds and assertive language when using his power and abusing it. This creates tension. He always wants everyone to know that he is the one in control via his magic to confuse people and create chaos. Caliban’s language when he is talking to Prospero is very arrogant, angry and violent.
“With raven’s feather from unwholesome fen drop on you both! A south-west blow on ye and blister you all o’er!” – Caliban Although, his language is very different when he is talking to Stephano. The language he uses is very sycophantic and flattering. “How does thy honour? Let me lick thy shoe.” – Caliban The magical language is created by using words which open the imagination to art and power, using fiery words, often portrayed by Ariel. “I flamed amazement: sometimes I’d divide, and burn in many places; on the topmast, the yards and the bowsprit, would I flame distinctly” – Ariel
Ferdinand’s language towards Miranda also has many references to magic, politics and power. He often repeats the words ‘king’ and ‘crown’ to remind Miranda of his power and royal status. Stagecraft is Shakespeare’s weapon that he uses to entertain and capture his audience’s attention without digital help. Elizabethan’s believed in an ordered universe and any attempt to alter that was doomed to chaos, so they would have been shocked by the idea of a tempest and amazed by the theatricality. The storm represents chaos, confusion and the power of Prospero. He abuses his power whenever the opportunity is available, for example, as the ship was sailing to the wedding, he saw his chance and took it. Elizabethan’s also believed strongly in magic and witches, so the theme of magic in the play would have really appealed to Elizabethan audience.
At the beginning of the play, the storm’s turmoil and all the panic really contrasts with the tranquillity of the island, and the romance that took place in Act 2 Scene 1, when Miranda meets Ferdinand. This shows Shakespeare’s rhythm – lots of action which is then calmed down through use of humorous scenes of romance to ease the tension. For example: The storm at the start of the play, causing a lot of chaos, excitement and drama, which is then dulled down and relaxed by a romantic scene when Miranda and Ferdinand first set eyes on each other.
Non-human creatures such as Caliban and Ariel are counterpointing or contrasting characters. Caliban being an arrogant deformed monster also described as ‘dog’ and ‘fish, and known as ‘the son of a witch and the devil’, Ariel on the other hand, is a delicate spirit of the air, almost ethereal and is neither a male nor female. Music would be used to express emotion and tension. Humans will be drawn to music as we are able to relate feelings with music. Ariel’s songs and music would create feelings of intensity, suspense and possibly a haunting factor.

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