Importance Of Relaxation Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:25:50
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There are many different ways to realax, and everyone does it differently. Some people relax by watching TV, others by reading book and some just lie down on the green grass and stare at the sky and that is how the get rid of stress even though is just for a short while. But every person when they do something they forget about everything around, everything they have to do, everyone they have to meet or talk to, it all drifts away, when they travel to their so called “Happy Place”.
From the all the activities that we did in class, probably that I got most relaxed at, were laid down and did absolutely nothing, because I am always doing something and it was just a nice get away from the world. When we did the other activities I had to do something, and when we did nothing my mind just relaxed and forgot about all the stuff I worried about before.
Other ways I relax is by reading. I love to read, especially novels, and when I read them I travel into another dimension. The dimension that the book created and I travel to that dimension and it serves me as my so called “Happy Place”, no matter what kind of events take place. Even if they are upsetting events I still relax. Another way I relax is by watching Anime or reading Manga, because they are like books, except they draw you an actual picture with colors and not words. They also take me to another world and let me forget about the world I live in for a short while.

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