My mind’s in turmoil Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:28:49
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My mind’s in turmoil My heart is torn two ways Little did I know That tonight would be in such dismay
As tears streak down my cheeks Down Memory Lane I take a peek There he sat in a small cage, A contented yawn and sleepy gaze.
Midnight black with two white socks, Emblazoned on his chest- a bold, bright cross Round as a ball on four small paws, In love I fell, the first sight I saw.
Took him home in my arms, First thing he did was pee all around. My father yelled, my mother sighed, But I melted when I saw his puppy dog eyes.
In time he grew Mischievous and gay Prancing around, causing trouble Mayhem and dismay
A scolding I would give And with a guilty look, he received. A moment later he’ll crawl humbly to me With downcast eyes and drooped tail Begging for forgiveness And gladly I would shower love.
But somehow gradually, Things started to change. He grew hard to control, Aggressive, fierce, sometimes even half-deranged.
Yet sometimes I can still see His eyes looking lovingly at me.
Full of trust and dependance, He looks to me as his alliance. Loyal and faithful, Loving and true, Not once has he turned against me, Yet his murderer I must now be.
Took him into the car, A bundle of energy and excitement, The veil of tears I could hardly bear To see him oblivious to his coming death sentence.
Placed him on the cold aluminium table, The clicking of his nails echoing throughout the room Trembling from head to foot, To me he ran for comfort.
Took him into my arms, Hugged him close to my heart, Hid my face in his fur, He could not understand why the tears.
Stroking him soothingly, Reluctantly I let him go Lies and empty promises That everything will be okay- I told.
The lethal needle slid home Within seconds he was struggling to stand. As life left his body and bone He weakly lay down and put his head near my hand.
With a breaking heart, I leaned down to whisper a tearful goodbye He looked at me with glazed over eyes That seemed to ask…

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