I want to believe to a memory and love Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:25:54
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I want to believe to a memory and love, left man after him and no matter what he did no matter what he does and will do in his future , he just has to do something good for world’s sake, something important to every body who he is surrounded with, let it be a very little thing…
There was a man, so he created how to write and read, he taught then children how to do it. Soon they became talented writers; there was a man, he painted pictures and in the museums people were feeling better in their hearts looking at them; there was a man, he planted a seedling, after some years it grew up a big tree and made the air cleaner.
There will be a man and he will continue loving, his love will retain through the centuries and after thousand years you’ll see a tree full if green leaves, under it’s shadow will sit a painter drawing a picture on canvas of a writer with a lot of papers on his knees and many other people will be around them walking, smiling from the bottom of their hearts. You can explain a picture and you’ll see that the only name for it – is the one – “life is beautiful”.

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