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Published: 2021-06-29 01:25:29
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Likewise, there are certain key abilities that can propel an employee into the forefront of the company’s eye, allowing them to be targeted for managerial positions. The most important ability a business leader must have is the critical thinking skill, This paper will discuss the three subjects that managerial work falls into in regards to critical thinking: accomplishing tasks, working with and through others, and judging oneself and adapting one’s behavior accordingly (2005, peg. 102). Menses states that, “Tunneling executives make decisions using a set of six ore cognitive skills.
Among them are critically examining underlying assumptions and identifying probable unintended consequences” (2005, peg. 102). Being able to not only think through evident problems unto completion, but also to predict any unforeseen problems and find resolutions is the base of critical thinking. A great leader can mold themselves to the culture and atmosphere Of a team. They can work well with others and still they can delegate tasks rather than feel they need to finish them on their own.
Being able to work through Others is just as important as working with them. An exceptional employee has the ability to balance both Of these skills. Menses continues With the suggestion that, “recognizing the underlying agendas of others and considering the probable effects of one’s actions” fits directly into this line of thinking (2005, peg. 104). As stated above, the third most important skills to have is the ability to judge oneself and adjust their behavior accordingly.
This means that they must be able to read the situation when working with others and be able to modify their behavior to what the specific situation calls for. Menses includes in this, the ability to not react defensively when challenged with others views and be able to adjust their reaction accordingly, keeping in mind they may not always be right. It stands to reason that a person with a higher I. Q. Score has a better ability to think critically and with more clarify. The original reason for I.
Q, testing was to measure a child’s cognitive skills in order to predict how well a child will do in school. Menses states that, “studies have shown these instruments predict work performance at least as well as competency interviews doubt 10 times better than personality tests o” (2005, peg. 1061 In lieu of giving an actual I. Q. Test, which may be crossing legal boundaries, a “past behavioral interview’ or BPI is most often used and can give a clear indication Of a perspective employee’s critical thinking skills.
Knowing how they have, reacted to and completed; a task in the past is an excellent indicator Of how they Will behave in similar situations Within the company. This article relates to Human Resource Management in that, being able to identify the intelligent executives is crucial to being able to find the best person for the right job. Just putting a charismatic, likeable person in the position does not guarantee that person will be able to make the best decisions for the company, and could in the end, do more harm to the business than good.
If a business can use a more intellectual interview than just judging the credentials of a resume and feeling out the personality then the Human Resource Department of that business can find the correct people to fill those key positions. In conclusion, the article Hiring for Smarts, was very well written. The author, Justine Menses (2005), brought up a very valid point: that just looking at a potential employees resume s not as informant as to actually look at how clearly the person might be able to apply critical thinking skills in order to better the company.
This article makes me feel like I have been focusing on my Grade point Average (CPA), and not the fact that have incredible critical thinking skills to offer a potential employer. This was an incredibly interesting article and I think it could help any HER department in their pursuit offending viable executives for their companies. I would actually like to have read more about how high the I. Q. Score are supposed to be in order for a company to feel an employee is “star” quality.
While thought this avgas a fantastic article, also feel that, just as a person with great interpersonal skills may not necessarily be the best person for a leadership position, a person with a high I. Q. Score may not have the personal skills to be in a key position. Believe a company must find a person with a balance of the two. With this in mind, do not feel there is much Other than the above, that I would like to learn more about.

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