The Harlem Renaissance: An era of Social Change Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:27:41
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Thesis: The sass’s Harlem Renaissance was an era that provided an opportunity of literary and artistic advancement for African Americans. The movement also reached social thought of sociology, and philosophy. Writers like Longboats Hughes and Counted Sullen promoted social equality through obscure themes and morals expressed in their writings. With its origins in Harlem, New York the renaissance affected the United States through literature, drama, music, visual art, and dance.
At this time African Americans began to form themselves an identity and individual ultra for progress. Argument l: Problems that led to the Harlem Renaissance: During this time period the American government was making political changes to the constitution. Creating and enacting laws that promoted social welfare and public awareness. Some of these key political changes were: the 13th (Abolition of slavery), 14th (Citizenship status and rights), and the 1 5th amendment (Right to vote without racial discrimination) to the constitution.
Other changes include the hardships and brutality of the south, The Great Migration from 1910-1930, as well as the US. ‘ Entrance to WWW. And lastly the origin of the Harlem Renaissance, and introduction to key activists. -Analysis of quotes for the political change of this time period. -Brief description of The Great migration and analysis of quotes directed toward the living conditions of 1910-1930 – Harlem, midtown Manhattan, New York -e. G. Lain Locke, Longboats Hughes, and Counted Sullen -The “new negro’ and social advancement for African Americans. * To be completed in two paragraphs. Source: 1. Schwartz, A. B. Christi. Gay Voices of the Harlem Renaissance. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, c. 2003 2. Woods, Gregory. A History of Gay Literature: The Male Tradition. Yale University Press, c. 1998 Argument II: Introduction to Gay activist Ideals, Cultural changes, Key activists leaders: During this time idealist leaders like W. E. B Dubious, Alleluia Walker, Claude McKay, and Longboats Hughes expressed themselves and their beliefs through actions and through pieces of writing.
Another topic for discussion is the cultural change and impact the Harlem Renaissance had in the US. The Harlem Renaissance had cultural changes in which music went from classical to something more lively, sparking the ewe Jazz Age. Political change in which African Americans began to hold public office, enactment of laws that benefited all citizens of the US. Throughout the Harlem Renaissance period, roughly African American lesbians and gay men were meeting each other.
Creating a complex network of social structure within the gay community. Some were discreet about their sexual identities; others open about their feelings. – Introduction and detailed analysis of “queer theory’ and its effects to the African American population during the Harlem Renaissance. -Explore movements and activists events that promoted acceptance and social equality. -Introduce key activists and ideals of social well being for the gay community during the Harlem Renaissance. Explore and analyze political policies that promoted discrimination and segregation of the gay population of the Harlem Renaissance. -Develop a coherent analysis of events that promoted tolerance and colonization throughout the gay community during this time period. -*To be completed in a minimum of two paragraphs. Source: 1 . Sedgwick, Eve Kickoffs. Epistemology of the Closet. Berkeley: University of California Press, cache Argument 3: Influences for Progress: Now explore and analyze which ideals have maintained strength throughout the 21st century.
Examine which activist had the most impact and how it has affected us today. As well as explore political policies today, that outlaw discrimination and promote well being for the gay community of the 21st century. Conclusion: How did the Harlem Renaissance help influence progress today? Harlem Renaissance was an era of advancement and progress for the black gay community of the sass’s. These ideas helped shape our ideas today. This also helped society today promote equality and tolerance today.

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