Globalization & Migration Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:27:50
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Globalization is the interrelated web of communications between states and different civilizations including engineering. concern and civilization. Migration is the motion of people into or out of a different state. Migration additions globalisation by making a greater diverseness of civilizations. different thoughts. and increasing the manner the economic system grows. The cyberspace is one of the biggest planetary communicating systems. In the 1980s. mail order married womans were introduced. Work force in the US seeking Asiatic brides could now merely travel onto the cyberspace and happen a married woman and communicate with them.
Work forces normally want to get married aliens because they are viewed as more “exotic” and “dependent” than adult females raised in the US. Without the cyberspace ( facet of globalisation ) there wouldn’t be communicating between US work forces and their possible partners. Globalized consumerism besides affects the subject of the relationship between globalisation and migration. When companies are making a new merchandise. they have to make the design. Once the design is created. the merchandise is made so the company pays for the distribution of the merchandise. The people who make the merchandises are normally immigrants.
They do this because “there is a demand for unskilled labour in the North and because there is a big supply of unskilled workers in the South who are ready and willing to migrate North. ” Usually the workers in the South migrate to the North for higher paying occupations. There are great differences in the wage from the South and the wage from the North. In 1995. workers in the US ( North ) were paid $ 17. 20 an hr. 71 cents per hr in the Philippines ( South ) . 46 cents per hr in Thailand ( South ) . and 25 cents per hr in China ( South ) .
Peoples from third-world states are besides parts of migration and globalisation. In 1945. two brothers from Chinantlan. Mexico moved to New York and got occupations wipe uping floors. As the old ages passed they pooled their income and started directing the money they saved to their hometown. They began an organisation where more of their relations from Chinantlan joined them in New York and sent money back place to better their community. By 1990. the organisation had already sent $ 2 million each twelvemonth. This shows that migration can better third-world states and their metropoliss.

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