Ever since the discrimination between haves and have-nots was initiated we can’t imagine a world without it Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:27:45
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Ever since the discrimination between haves and have-nots was initiated we can’t imagine a world without it.
On the contrary was there a world without it? I surely wouldn’t have known before coming across it in a historical analysis of what used to be.
What is easier, simpler and more coherent to us in general is this kingdom of ranks and classes. Not inspired by the scientific classification for simplicity, we built an environment reflective of internal complexity – belittled self esteem truly. Anyway, what made me ponder over the usual was something unusual that I saw lately. Before narrating that I suppose, a little preface would aid understanding, to appreciate the ‘unusual’ part of it.
In medicine students learn about the human body and everything possibly related to it. Initially for instance, the subject of ‘Anatomy’ is the geography of the human body and yes, every part is labeled. Years ago when we learnt where our nose, mouth and hands were, I wonder why we think that that wasn’t as grand an accomplishment. Cutting a long story short, it is easier to learn using more than one sense, like seeing and touching in addition to reading. Anatomy requires one to be thoroughly acquainted with every bit and therefore dissection of cadavers dead individuals is a routine procedure employed.
Besides, the word ‘anatomy’ means cutting to learn. The stance of laymen calling this ‘inhuman’ should try to get the reason in it I hope. However, it is agreed that the fact that it is a human body who was once alive and like us well maybe not exactly like us should probably have had a better fate.
The more inquisitive may question, ‘Where do these cadavers come from?’ After all they must be having a family that was supposed to prevent them from being opened up like this.
Bringing light to that, these dead individuals haven’t been claimed for the recommended time or they may very well have been given up for money – sold. Now if you try to recall the last beggar you saw, a person from the lower staff, a mazdoor labourer – anybody you consider an unfortunate have-not, you’ll find them hard to remember. Well, it is only justified as you did not have anything to do with them and we can’t imagine having anything to do with them can we? We are but worlds apart for crying out loud! At this point, if you are with me, it takes mere imagination to consider that when this one alien have-not dies, his unclaimed or sold body is sent to a state-of-the-art hospital. Visualize the irony of the moment; the two worlds meet here. It is about time that the have-not will receive careful handling, prompt dealing and pure . . .preservatives.
Later the haves will politely observe and carefully dissect his body, careful not to injure any internal structure- even the ladies do the honour. So this is the after life, the rewards of the clichéd pious have-nots, redemption is here – figuratively speaking.
Inspired by my first visit to the dissection hall, the first look at the cadaver, and the first plunge of the knife on the chest, my colleague, my friend, her first attempt at dissection, her manicured hands and the grinning, ugly patient.

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