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Published: 2021-06-29 01:27:26
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It was until the 1 lath century that these ensues ere aligned according to the pitches to be sung in a one-line or two-line staff as reference of a fixed pitch. Then, in the 13th and 14th centuries as more lines were added to the staff, the Gregorian Chant was written down in termagant and movable clefs were placed at the beginning of the manuscripts (Bonds, 32 and 34). This is a practice that still persists in classical music to save its integrity and provides a primary source for performers.
Another important point about ensues is that Surrealism tries to incorporate this concept in its notation: lines that represent events placed on a staff or no staff as well. The Surrealism, mostly performed by electronics devices, has more complex notation but it is clear that the changing pitch is depicted in a single line that goes up and down. The next two illustrations show excerpts of these notations: Left, anonymous “Alleluia” (Neumann); Right, “Culmination” by Inanest Logistics.
Text Setting In the Middle Ages, music was under the patronage and, consequently, control of the Catholic Church, then its fiction was to project the message of God based on religious texts, more important the text than the music. In order to send God’s words o the congregation with no disturbance, the Church stipulated three ways to set the TEX: syllabic, intimate, and melodramatic. Syllabic, as it sounds, happens when a syllable has one note; intimate, instead, a single syllable has between two or six notes; whereas melodramatic each syllable is sung to many notes (more than six notes) (Bonds, 37-38).
Each category of this element of Medieval music is still prevailing nowadays. Many songs, for example, are sung syllabicate because it is a effective manner to help the audience catch the melody and text easily. The Beetles has many compositions redundantly syllabic, for instance, ministered’ (Hinterland). For the intimate and melodramatic are usually mixed to provide a more significant interpretation of a piece, for example, to overstate a sorrow or express a melancholy; Gospel is a good reference of these two practices, or blues as well.
The singer Whitney Houston embellishes the piece “l Will Always Love You” by adding many note for one syllable (this example is predominantly melodramatic) (Hinterland). Modes A mode provides a particular range to any melody. Every mode has its own Elements of Medieval Music on the 21 SST century By incantation whole and half steps. They are Dorian, Praying, Lydia, and Myocardial. This intervocalic organization of tones framed the scale as we now know, and also gave a sense of tonality.
The modes were named after Greek places where a range of tones was particularly designated to interpret music; however, the intervocalic relationship were not related. Nowadays, modes are widely used in Jazz improvisation, film music, and many other genres. Dorian is basically a natural minor scale but with the raised 6th scale degree; Michael Jackson’ “Thriller” and “A Here With No Name” by America are in Dorian mode. Physician has more Oriental sound because of the half step between the ionic and the 2nd scale degree; “James Bond Theme (From Dry.

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