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Published: 2021-06-29 01:26:05
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In the migration of the talented tenth black people and black business were moving to the north. They are moving for better opportunities; for example better paying jobs and better education for themselves and their children. Most black people who had success in the north would not return to the south. If the blacks showed that they are intelligent and that they studied major subjects like history, law and economics, they will be humiliated and mobs will be form to drive them out because they were bad examples of black people they wanted to keep unskilled. The white people are afraid that the black people would surpass them.
The movement from north to south was not a major move because black people who had a good education received jobs like waiters, porters, butlers and chauffeurs. The north improved black people economic conditions and political freedom. In the gift of the black tropics speak about how foreign born blacks come to America for economic reason. The black youths came for the purpose of education to better themselves and help the family they left in their countries. The largest foreigners came from Spanish speaking countries and the smaller groups came from the West Indies.
When they arrived to America all their principles and morals are gone as Domingo tells us. Many black immigrants have been subjected to unskilled jobs. Some applied for position that the average black person could not get. Domingo says that they are the reason some new and better job opportunities have opened up for blacks. Also he said how some black people open business like barber shops and pool rooms were there is no competition. The others open shop that have the fiercest competition for example grocery stores, tailor shops, jewelry stores and fruit vending. Some black people even got into real estate and other high paying jobs.
The similarities between the migration of the talented tenth and gift of the black tropic are how black people leave one place and come to another for better jobs, better education, and in some cases freedom. Woodson talks about how a large number of black migrated from the south to north; this similar to how Doming talks about how from this date to this date here”s how many black have come to the United States. Another major similarities is when the black people arrive to were they are migrating to they are subjected to menial or unskilled jobs as both author put it.
Woodson goes into a little deeper by saying exactly what kind of jobs black people got at that time. The difference between the gift of the black tropics and migration of the talented tenth are that in Domingo”s piece he actually used statistics to say how many black people migrated to America. Woodson just estimated how many migrated from south to north. Another difference is the foreign black that made it to America thought they were superior to the people in their country but the northern blacks didn”t think they were superior to the southern blacks; they just thought they were better off in the north.
Also, a major difference is the kind of jobs black people got; even though both blacks in the stories work menial jobs the foreign black in Doming story got were better business owners than the black in Woodson story. The Foreign blacks in Domingo”s story owned business like barber shops, pool rooms grocery stores, tailor shops, jewelry stores and fruit vending. They had jobs in real estate and insurance. The blacks in Woodson had menial jobs like waiters, porters, butlers and chauffeurs. I think the migration had a big affect on the black community.
It created more job opportunities for black people. If many blacks are coming from other places to the north or America these people will be looking for jobs to better themselves. Also, considering the jobs they were getting it would not be hard for them to get those jobs. Also, I believe because of the migration black people were progressing. They owned business; some even owned big business for example Madame C. J Walker the first black self made millionaire. Their business were able to compete with white people business if that not progress I don”t know what is.

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