Causes of Guilt Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:25:30
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What causes guilt? There are many things in life that cause guilt. Some of those things are; doing wrong, lying, and cheating. One of those things is when someone does something he or is not supposed to do. An example would be smoking or drinking. If someone were raised in a Christian home and knew that it was wrong to smoke and drink but went to a party and did it anyway, that might cause some guilt in his life. He knew that is was wrong to smoke and drink, yet he choose to do it anyway. Hopefully, he WOULD feel guilty about what he did and he would never do something so stupid again.
The second thing that causes guilt is lying. Lying goes along with doing things that one knows are wrong. When someone does things that are wrong, he might feel that he has to start lying to cover up for what he did. Lying is something that can destroy a person’s life with friends, family and God. When a person lies, it just keeps building up; and that one small white lie becomes a huge monstrous lie that will not go away until he confesses what he lied about. The third thing that causes guilt is cheating.
There are many ways of cheating; but in God’s eyes, cheating is cheating! Usually when people think of cheating, they think of tests, quizzes or maybe even simple homework assignments. Cheating is not only school- related. An example of cheating one’s self would be; if someone were on a diet and her friends knew it, but as soon as they were not looking she stuffed a few cookies in her mouth. This does not really seem like cheating, but in a sense it is. When someone does this sort of act, he or she begins to feel guilty for cheating. No matter how people do things they know are wrong or cheat or even lie, God sees all. He knows their hearts and how they feel. He can make them feel guilty for the sins that they have committed, and hopefully each one will confess those sins and not feel guilty anymore!

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