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Published: 2021-06-29 01:27:23
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Burke On Being a Musician Music is the rhythm that keeps the world spinning. What is it about music that makes it so enjoyable to listen to? Is it the message that we gain from the lyrics or is just the background beat? Music, with all its intricacies, can be seen as living entity that has the ability to rest inside our soul and create emotions such as excitement and awe. Music helps create a bond and connect people all around the world whether they speak different languages or practice different religions.
Music has always been an integral part of my life. I listen and partake in music almost every day and when I listen to a great piece of music, I cannot help but feel great Joy and feel as though I am one with the song. It is as if my body goes into an alternate universe where instruments have the ability to talk and they are telling me their story. Over the years, I have learned through my experiences that music not only helps me learn, but to also grow. From an early age, I grew up listening to Classical Indian music. My mom would sing traditional songs to me and I would listen eagerly absorbing the song in its entirety.
However, I did not know that I was developing my singing ability at the same time. Then, the unimaginable happened. I started to sing. This; however, is an understatement as I seemed to of sang well according to my elders and peers. I had this experience at the young age of 10 which is when I discovered I had the talent to sing Classical Indian music. From then on, I was fixed on honing my musical skills and was determined to push it to things beyond singing. From then on, I would try singing whenever I was given a chance. I would sing in the shower, in the car, and even when my parents went to bed.
Even though I liked to inning, I did not like to do it publicly in front of people. Now as I look back, it was probably because I was not very confident in my abilities so I was afraid of making a fool of myself. Not long after, my parents started to notice my knack for music and I was forced to share my talent. However, I am eternally grateful that they made me sing in public at our temple because that led to a Classical Music teacher approaching my parents and she asked them if I would like to learn from her. This was Just the beginning of my Journey in music. As I continued to sing, I became more and more fascinated with piano.
I asked my parents if I could start taking lessons and they readily agreed. As I went to the piano teacher, she said I had a natural ability to read music and that my fingers were incredibly quick for an eleven year old. I continue to piano to this day and thoroughly enjoy it. Piano; however, was not the only instrument that I learned to play. In sixth grade, I Joined band and picked the trumpet as my instrument of choice. I loved playing it the first moment the trumpet touched my lips. Band has been a part of my life ever since sixth grade and I have been playing the trumpet for the better part of 5 years. Being a Musician
By awesomeness mesmerism’s by the notes. Music is the only thing that has the power to fully captivate someone in this manner. Personally, music gave me the opportunity to go from the world of real-life problems to a world of tranquility and from the life of an academically overachieving student to that of a musical vocalist. Although I do enjoy playing instruments, Indian Carnation music is my passion and Joy. By continuing to partake in this type of music, I am able to hold on to my culture and my lineage. I appreciate that I am able to take part in something eternal, as we must all go one day, but music is here to stay.

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