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Published: 2021-06-29 01:25:56
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What if you had a chance to see someone that passes away once again? Would you take it? Perhaps a gateway to heaven. Emelia is a seven-year-old little girl who has lost the most important person in her life, her mother. She now lives with her grandmother, Jill. Emelia and Jill did everything together. Since Emelia doesn’t have a mother for herself, she counts grandma Jill as her mother. Emalia’s mother passed away while in labor during a C-section. Her father, whom grandmother Jill never liked, had never met Emelia. In fact, he doesn’t even know that she exists until this day.
Because her father was an alcoholic who repeatedly abused Emelia’s mother, Emelia was never exposed to him and was never told about him. Grandmother Jill kept things this way because she didn’t want Emelia getting in any type of trouble because of him. Grandma Jill and seven-year-old Emelia were best friends, they did everything together. After Emelia’s mother passed away, grandmother Jill took Emelia in and raised her by herself. She knew everything about her mother. Grandma Jill has shown and told Emelia everything about her mother.
She would tell her stories all the time about her mother as well as show Emelia pictures of her mother. Emelia always wished that she would have her mother by her side and just to do everything with her mother. She loves grandmother Jill very much but having a mother as a mother is different than having your grandmother as your mother. Emelia knew that she was like every other girl except the only thing that was different was the fact that she doesn’t have any parents. Little did Emelia know that she was wrong about being just like every other girl.
She was about to discover something that would change her entire world in ways she never thought would be possible. Early one morning, as Emelia is walking to school, she notices that her shoes are untied. As she bends down to tie them, she is transformed into a place called “HEAVEN . Emelia soon realizes that this isn’t the same heaven that grandma Jill told her about. Instead, it is the heaven that only she is able to see and no one else. As she’s walking through this new dark and twisted world, she spots a single rose. A white rose. In her world, a white rose usually means purity and innocence.
In this new dark world called HEAVEN, white roses symbolize evil and the dreadful. Things weren’t going good, at least not as Emelia would think the way heaven is supposed to go. This new world she was now distorted into was scaring her and she just wanted out. She tried reaching back for her shoelaces and she came to see that her shoelaces were gone. The one thing that she knew would take her back to her life with grandmother Jill was gone. She starts to panic and starts to cry, she then sees this girl figure coming towards her while moving her mouth but no noises are coming out of her mouth.
This girl is holding out a photograph of a baby and Emelia automatically started thinking that baby was her. But then she realized that the baby in the photograph was wearing blue and had chubby cheeks. She was very confused and so she turned around to think and as she was turning back to ask the girl questions, the girl was gone and Emelia was all alone once again. She started thinking maybe she has a little brother. She knew that grandmother Jill wasn’t hiding anything from her and would’ve told her that she had a brother.
As she is sitting in a dark large room, she starts hearing doors opening and closing and the noise just keeps getting louder and louder as she gets closer and closer to the noise surrounding her. As she got closer, she saw three closed doors with no signs and nothing else around her. So she thought the only way to find out what the point in the doors are is to open them one by one and find out for herself what is going on. One door she opened had the same photo of the baby boy that girl showed her earlier. The second door she opened was a doorway back to life with grandma Jill.
And lastly, the third door she opened, had a lot of horses just running around. She new that in order to get out of HEAVEN she needed to pick a door. She didn’t and wasn’t ready to go back home just yet. She couldn’t help but think of the first door and who that baby in the photograph was. She knew that she missed grandma Jill a whole lot and wanted to get back to her, but she wasn’t interested in leaving just yet. She had a lot of figuring out to do and she didn’t want to go back home without any unanswered questions because she would just be curious her whole entire life.
As she starts to reach out to grab a door and all of a sudden she sees her shoelaces hanging from the doorknob. She sees that as a sign and tries opening door one. As soon as she leans forward with her hand out to open the door, she wakes up as if she was dreaming and is back on her way to school just like before she went into heaven. She immediately thinks of grandma Jill so she turns back and starts running back home. Once she got to grandma Jill’s house to tell grandma all about her crazy dream, she sees a bunch of police officers at her house and a house full of white roses along with that baby boys photograph.
She immediately ran to grandma’s room to come to see that grandma Jill isn’t there. She passes by a mirror and starts to scream and cry. As the police officers ran to her in grandma Jill’s room, Emelia was on the bed crying. She realized that such a long period of time had passed and grandmother Jill passed away, she was gone. Emelia went from being a seven-year-old little girl to a grown teenager. She was now fourteen years old and felt lost and all alone. She never found out the meaning of the photograph or the horses behind those doors.
She didn’t speak about her ˜dream’ with anyone. She kept on living her life. She thought if she told anyone abut this story something ad was going to happen. Emelia blamed herself for the death of her grandma and she never forgave herself for not coming home sooner. Emelia no longer wore shoes that required shoelaces and every time she saw a white rose she started to cry. The fourteen-year-old little girl who had her whole life ahead of her, never felt more lonely and scared of white roses and shoelaces.
She went on with her life as much as could. One day on her way to her foster home, she saw the same girl from HEAVEN and she followed her to a garden of white roses. As Emelia tries to hold back her fear, there are tears running down her face but she knows the only way to get answers is to follow that girl wherever she goes and that’s what Emelia does. Turns out, that girl is Emelia’s cousin and the little boy in the photograph is Emelia’s twin brother that passed away from their mother’s umbilical cord being wrapped around her when he was born.

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