Automat by Edward Hopper Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:27:34
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The woman in the painting “Automat” by Edward Hopper is twenty-five years old. Her beauty is young and fresh, but her expression on her face is thoughtful for such a young person. Why is such a beautiful woman, dressed up as if going out, sitting and drinking tea by herself doing? The woman was actually planning to go out. She got dressed in her fancy clothes, but then she sat down for a minute at the table, and her thoughts turned her attention away from going out.
She was sitting there deep in thought, thinking about her life, the things in her life, and the way she was living her life. Then, while all those thoughts running through her head, she decided to make herself a cup of tea. So after she made that tea, she sat back down again and returned to her thoughts. And while sitting there, all beautiful, dressed up and drinking tea, she became the painting “Automat” by Edward Hopper. But in order to know what she was thinking, we need to know her past.
And her past is not a pleasant memory to refer to. From the day she was born, Anita was said to be the beauty of the ages. She was very young, and didn’t understand all the attention and all the admiration she got. She supposed it was like that for every woman. But one day, when she was in her early teens, and was at a party, a handsome man entered her life from that day of the party. She was very smitten with him, and he was like her god. She was young and na? “? ‡ve, and that brought her falling unreasonably in love with him.
It was a very short time when he spun her around in his world, and when he was done, he left her. As you can imagine, it shattered her heart into millions of pieces. She became very heartbroken, that it showed in her appearance. She became very thin, with dark circles under her eyes, and a lack of interest to life to anything. Her friends and her loved ones became very concerned for her, so they tried to cheer her up in every possible way. But her broken heart needed mending at its own accord, and they soon realized that and left her alone.
Time went by and she started restoring her beauty, and her broken heart started mending. She started getting on with her life, and started joining back into the society. So one day, she decided she would be going out, but instead the thoughts of her past took over. Her heart is mended and her life is back to its normal, but Anita, sitting there by herself could not help were her thoughts took over her. So Anita appeared in the painting “Automat”, her expression thoughtful and her beauty still strong as ever, sitting there alone and drinking tea.

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