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Published: 2021-06-29 01:29:00
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Grace GAO grace GAO is a freshman in the ditch film & TV program. Her film is titled: black & white. She was born in Beijing and attended high school in Irving, California. An accomplished pianist, grace collaborates with other student filmmakers to combine her literary, musical ideas into short films. She is also a leader in the Liberal Studies Film Production club and the Footnotes A Chapels group. –when did you start making films? Do you write music? -is your film based on your own piano studies, your own musical Journey from a tuned to an artist? –interesting use of color in the transformation from black and white to color. How did you accomplish this? Elli Forman Elli Forman is a freshman in the ditch film & TV program. Her film is La Dernier Classes,” and instantly fell in love with the narrative’s unique look into the role of language and culture in developing a child’s identity.
I was also drawn to the the face that the piece explores the context to the Franco-Prussian war in Lace, France, 1 must be shared with a wider audience. Thus, I adapted the story into a script and created my interpretation of the work. Thank you for watching, and I hope you enjoy the movie. –are you French, or studying French? How has the French Lang and culture shaped your identity? –how do you think the film’s message -the role of language and culture in developing a child’s identity – applies today, in a world where many indigenous cultures and languages have been overwhelmed by American or Western culture and English? -working with young actors – did they know French or the context regarding the piece? Savannah duplicates vanish duplicates is a freshman studying film in CASE. Her first film out, out- is a setting of the Robert Frost poem, and her second the ray Bradbury poem Remembrance. So you made these in HAS are you a poet? How did you become a filmmaker? What relationship do you see between poetry and film? What came first, the film or the poetry? Do you perform poetry? How do you approach voicing over your own film, if you don’t have a background in it? Set poetry to music songs from the second floor the essence of monstrous moonshine: one art inspiring Joining hands with another frost. Who is your co-star in the film? Very personal film. Something intersecting with your own experience? Bradbury. This is one of my favorite poems. I remember reading it for the first time about six years ago – a lifetime before. For me, this is the essence of Bradbury art. Even his most grandiose science fiction is essentially human. Eating Bradbury I always imagined a adult boy, the adult child, still in rapture at his daily discoveries between the pages of life time capsule I love that you credit the park as “an actor in its own right” ray Bradbury is a very visual writer. I could never forget Yalta. Prose is poetry. Will muslin ill muslin is a n SC . His tall is the house to scarlet doors. –Will Muslin is an obsessive-compulsive, narcissistic film geek. His hobbies include watching movies, reading, feeling entitled, and watching movies.
His favorite films include Rear Window, Blow-out, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and ROI Bravo –Written, Directed, and Edited by Will Muslin, narrated by Calvin moment. –you describe the film as An ass American trailer for a ass Italian film. Three years in the making… But only because 35 and a half months were spent on other things. –are you ever going to make this film? What happened to the shake weight scene ha… –closing scene (“no one will be admitted”) – is that a reference to the alarmist marketing used by Alfred Hitchcock for pooch? Victoria Duncan Victoria Duncan is a . Re films are ruttier and affection. Can you talk about the stop-motion technique which came first? As these films part of a larger universe for you? Will the gorilla ever meet ruttier? Ruthless American girl doll connection to this doll?

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