Ancestral Hormones and Music Therapy Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:27:26
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Scientists claim that a stressed grandparent’s grandson will be more stressed than a on-stressed mate: on a hormonal level aggression and trauma may be inherited. It would be high time to look at all those ancestors – both those killing each other and those Just singing all day .
As Marcel Porous has described in his famous novel how a certain taste will recall a certain past event – they /Seers and his Landlady whose family does not want her name to be mentioned/ said that the regular chanting of the Bible land other religious melodies/ recall the historical traumas for which that particular melody was there to diminish the negative effects.
Imagine the French Revolution onto he 14th of July 1789, people are shouting onto he trees, aristocrats are hanged or robbed…
But in a small village nearby Bible scholars are busy chanting the prescribed melodies of the Portion of The Week: Haiku-Balk, which describes the Red Heifer and the Ass of Billie. [Naturally it is not possible to say that those Biblical Legends may have had any effect onto he Revolution. But about the melodies we do know they have a calming effect. There were experiments about it.
‘ Every week we have a special melody from the Bible-reading melodies [called ћTamil”/ and we are able to look up those Sunspot Exclamatory weeks that notation the highest level of aggression . Actually during the Revolution it was 1799,the Patch of Napoleon that happened to fall onto a Sunspot Paroxysm Year [the main Ancestral Hormones and Music Therapy By Cosmos 1 distances.
This is why in the Porous-scheme – that is how Natal Seers, my grandfathers schoolmate called it as it was told me in our family later – the Sunspot Cycle Dates are structured as Father-Mother-Sister-Brother Year-Distances and at the same time they are connected to Body Parts also: Ear-Eye-Back-Chest are the main templates. In another articles I may present the list in more detail.
[Father means metaphorically Goal-setting, Mother means Intellect, Slater means Problems and Wants, Brother means Recovery in this tradition.
Hence the Eye uses he Ear to look at the Back and raise the Eye to the Chest : this is the Code of the Present, if we would’ve to translate human interaction [eye-movements/ into those Sunspot-Years. / 2024. Future Reading la hint at the fact that these regular melody chanting and the regular sunspot cycles also will obliviously never stop and this is important to remember’: 2069: The woman giving birth is considered unclean for seven days.
If the newborn is a daughter, two month and an added 66 days.
Then the portion contains list of skin diseases. Even on the hair or on textile this uncleanness may appear. So one has to exit the Camp.
Without covering his head. So there will be a cult of the Star Trek fans in those years and they will certainly read their contemporaneous episode line 2063/ : A founding member of the United Federation of Planets, Humans of Earth became warp-capable in 2063, which was the same year they experienced first official contact with an alien species, the Vulcan.

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