Ambiguity in Princess Mononoke Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:25:57
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In the movie “Princess Mononoke,” Ashitaka, Lady Eboshi, and the Spirit of the Forest are some of the many ambiguous characters. But what is ambiguity? Ambiguity is when somebody is doubtful, uncertain or unclear. In the movie, Ashitaka is in a war between nature and the people of Irontown. The people of Irontown and the ruler, Lady Eboshi, created the deadly weapon, the gun, and are trying to destroy the forests and its inhabitants for the iron, while nature is trying to defend the forests.
Throughout this conflict, the people and nature realizes that they can’t live without each other and eventually they make peace. One of the main characters, Ashitaka, shows many ambiguous moments after he gets cursed. Ashitaka is a brave young man, and he is a good being. He is kind to the people of Irontown by saving and caring for them many times and to the nature as he tries to stop the war and make peace. But, when his arm gets cursed by the demon his arm would be evil by trying to kill people.
The curse had to be cured or else he will have a slow and painful death. He journeys to the Far East looking for a cure and to find out what created the demon, starting his own little quest. Also at many times, when his arm tries to attack people he controls and calms it by putting it underwater or by squeezing it. Putting his arm underwater and squeezing it helps him take control of his arm as the cool water helps it become calm, and by squeezing it showing his arm that he’s stronger.
Another character that shows ambiguity is lady Eboshi. She is the inventor of the unbeatable weapon, the gun, and she wants to rule the world with it. But, to create more guns and ammunition she needs lots of iron. Because of the major need of iron, she destroys forests and all the living creatures trying to stop her. Although she is a powerful and cruel lady destroying lots of forests and killing animals, she is a good leader for Irontown. She is very caring for her people and especially for the women, giving them jobs.
She also creates lighter guns for easier use, and her people respect her greatly for her heroism. In the end of the movie when the giant, The Spirit of the Forest, collapses and dies his dead body revitalizes all the plants and trees, giving them a new life. That is when Lady Eboshi realizes that she has to create a better town and make peace between nature and her people. And finally, the last ambiguous character is the Spirit of the Forest, also known as the “Nightwalker. This creature is the guardian of nature and keeps peace in the forest, also reviving Ashitaka in the movie when he gets shot, but when it gets decapitated by lady Eboshi it becomes a creature of destruction. While the men ran away with the head, the headless creature destroys and sucks the life out of all the living things while searching for the head destroying almost everything. In conclusion, in the end of the movie a new life begins where a better town is created and Ashitaka is cured from his curse. I think the director is trying to say that everybody is ambiguous at times, but it’s how you control it that counts.

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