The Louisville Courier-Journal, “MillerCoors: Beer truce would play favorites”

“MillerCoors has informed House Speaker Greg Stumbo that the brewer opposes a possible compromise mentioned by the Prestonsburg Democrat that could settle Kentucky’s beer distribution battle.

Stumbo’s House Bill 168 would strip Anheuser-Busch of two distributorships it owns in Kentucky in the name of preserving the three-tiered system of alcohol sales that seeks to separate producers, distributors and retailers. The bill, which the House Economic Development Committee approved earlier this month, is awaiting a vote by the full House as the legislature is now in the second half of its 30-day maximum session.

Stumbo suggested after the committee vote Feb. 12 that he believed he had the votes to get HB 168 through the House, something he repeated Monday. He said any major piece of legislation like that probably needs to pass its initial chamber this week.”

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