Beer for a Party - Which One to Bring?

A best friend of yours has just sent you an invitation to their student party. You quickly find some professional to do homework for you, and then realize it won’t be cool to appear there with empty hands. What to bring with you?
Of course, some beer will definitely be among the first options appearing in your mind. But the choice of beers is so wide it is able to stun you, isn’t it?
In case you’ve just caught a thinking overload, let your mind reboot with a cup of tea and read the following article. Here, you’ll find the set of four beers and one other drink that the most part of people in America and all over the world do actually prefer.
Just pick something of those beverages mentioned below before leaving for a party, and be sure people out there will appreciate your choice for sure.

Lager: Probably the Most Popular Beer in the USA

Lager beers are among the most loved ones all over the country. Their color is yellow, and their taste is crisp, clean and provides the feeling of refreshment. The average alcohol content in this beer is between 3 and 5 percent. Due to this, a mouthfeel provided by lagers is the smoothest one possible.
The set of brands to consider: Budweiser, Miller, Coors, Corona, and so on.

Ale: Light Beer for Inexperienced Drinkers

Ale beer type is also commonly loved in America. And yes, many people would be unable to differ ales and lagers due to quite likely compositions and flavors of these two drinks. Still, the inner composition of both types is special. Ales contain more hops flavor compared to those present in the lager beer.
Hops offer more bitterness and counter the sweet taste of the malt to maintain a better balance. Additionally, pine and citrus are frequently added to ales in order to make them smell and taste differently.
Generally, specialists find ales to be perfect for those who drink beer occasionally, and/or everyone willing to refresh their body and mind in the summer heat.
Brands to consider: Sierra Nevada, Founders Brewing Company, etc.

Wheat: Sweet and Bitter Perfection

Blue Moon is probably the beer everybody knows about. Nevertheless, there are much more wheat-based drinks to choose and taste at the party. The popularity of wheat beers comes from their perfect lightness and ability to deny thirst. The kind of yeast they use to ferment the beer defines the type of flavor: it varies from banana and oranges fruit shades to hot spices and mild herbs.

India Pale Ale (IPA): The Bottled Uniqueness

The sense of tanginess, pungency and fruitiness is what makes IPA desired at all the parties. It might be interesting to know that people have known the India Pale Ale drink since the 18th century. Nowadays, it is definitely standing among top-loved and popular craft beers across the USA.
The feature of IPA is in a higher content of hops compared to other beer types, and more alcohol in every bottle. And of course, every brand of these ales has its unique, featured flavor. This means the India Pale Ale drink is perfect when you want to bring some new taste to the party.

Champagne: Not a Beer, but Still Worth Considering

Despite all the popularity it has among people, beer is not what everyone likes. So, you might want to bring some champagne to please others and to play the starting chord of fun. The regular champagne taste suits its admirers perfectly, but taking some cocktail mixing drinks like pineapple juices may be the way to impress the crowd with some unusual taste as well.